Award List

Award List Criteria
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NameEntranceTypeApp. Req.DeadlineActions
Randy Futros Memorial Award-ScholarshipYes2019-08-01view
Reid Anderson Memorial Award for Mechanical Engineering-Bursary-2012-10-20view
Richard Noonan Prize-Prize-2012-07-11view
Ron and Dorothy Britton Design Engineering Bursary-BursaryYes2018-10-10view
Ron McCasin Bursary-BursaryYes2018-10-10view
Royal Air Force Auxiliary Memorial Scholarship-Scholarship-2012-07-11view
Scott Saxberg Entrance Scholarship in EngineeringYesScholarshipYes2019-08-01view
Stanley B. Bailie Bursary (3rd year)-BursaryYes2018-10-10view
Stanley B. Bailie Bursary (4th year)-BursaryYes2018-10-10view
Stanley F. Pauley Award in Electrical Engineering (RENEWABLE)-Bursary-2012-09-26view
Thomas H. Gillman Electrical Engineering Award-Bursary-2013-07-01view
Thorton-Trump Memorial Bursary-BursaryYes2018-10-10view
University Gold Medal in Engineering / Program Medals-Prize - Convocation-2014-06-03view
Vaughn Betz Engineering Centenary Award-Scholarship-2012-07-11view
Vector Construction/Vector Corrosion Technologies Engineering Access Program Bursary-Bursary-2018-10-09view
W.J. Christie Memorial Bursary-Bursary-2012-10-20view
Wallace and Akins Limited Bursary-Bursary-2012-10-20view
Walter Saltzberg Bursary In Engineering-Bursary-2012-10-20view
William and Olive Humphrys Scholarship for Electrical Engineering-Scholarship-2013-07-22view
William J. Milhausen Bursary-Bursary-2012-10-20view

Award terms and availability are subject to change.