Award List

Award List Criteria
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NameEntranceTypeApp. Req.DeadlineActions
Henry Neufeld Builder’s Bursary-Bursary-2013-09-03view
Hyman and Esther Dashevsky Bursary-Bursary-2012-10-20view
IEEQ Academic Excellence Prize-Prize - Convocation-2017-02-01view
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Awards-Prize-2012-01-02view
Isbister Undergraduate Scholarship-Scholarship-2012-07-11view
J.H. Schumacher Memorial Prize-Prize - Convocation-2014-06-03view
Jack Ediger Bursary in Electrical Engineering-Bursary-2012-10-20view
James F. Snidal Memorial Bursary-Bursary-2012-10-20view
James Lawrence McEwan Memorial Bursary-Bursary-2012-10-20view
Jinxi Ma Bursary In Engineering-Bursary-2012-10-20view
Joanne (Yau Wai) Wong-Li Memorial Award-BursaryYes2016-10-08view
John and Irene Spicer Bursary in Civil Engineering-Bursary-2012-10-20view
John and Irene Spicer Scholarship in Civil Engineering-Scholarship-2012-07-11view
John Glanville Memorial Scholarship-Scholarship-2013-07-02view
John H.A. Pearson Engineering Scholarship-ScholarshipYes2015-09-04view
John McKechnie Memorial Scholarships (Bursary)-Bursary-2012-10-20view
John Shewchuk Engineering Design Award-Prize-2012-07-11view
John W. Rudan Bursary In Engineering-Bursary-2012-10-20view
Kenneth Main Family Bursary in Civil Engineering-Bursary-2012-09-27view
Kent Forsyth Memorial Scholarship-Scholarship-2012-07-11view

Award terms and availability are subject to change.