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W.J. Christie Memorial Bursary
VALUE: $20,950 (variable) - 2013-2014 award value


Through the generosity of Mrs. W. Cole Davis, Lexington, Virginia, there has been established a fund of $5,000 from the net yearly income of which bursaries are to be provided. To the money on deposit with the American friends of The University of Manitoba, Incorporated, in respect of these bursaries, the donor, Mrs. W. Cole Davis, has added the sum of $2,000, deposited in trust with The University of Manitoba. In 1999, a $200,000 testamentary gift from Mrs. Norma Davis was made to the Christie fund, dramatically increasing the capital in the fund and the levels of interest to be generated by the fund.

To the net yearly income from the fund on deposit with the American friends shall be added an amount from the fund in trust with The University of Manitoba so that commencing with the spring series of examinations in 1969 the bursary awarded be $300 per annum. The state of the funds shall be reviewed from time to time and, if earnings thereon permit, the value of the bursary shall be increased by $25. or multiples thereof. Beginning in the spring of 1985 the award shall be increased to $700. Beginning in the fall of 1999, the bursary values and numbers will be determined each year by the selection committee, based on the available annual income.

The bursary shall be designated the "W.J. Christie Memorial Bursary". It shall be awarded annually to a student of acceptable academic standing who has successfully completed the Second Year of Civil and Geological, Electrical and Computer, Biosystems, or Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and who registers in the next ensuing year in the appropriate course in Engineering at The University of Manitoba. If, for any reason, the bursary winner does not so register, his bursary will be awarded to the next qualified candidate.

This bursary may be held along with other awards.

The selection committee shall be appointed by the Senate of the University and shall include the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. the committee shall recommend to the American friends of The University of Manitoba Incorporated one or more persons for consideration, together with the basis for such recommendation. The Board of Directors of the American friends, who shall hold the corpus for the fund in trust, and shall retain control and custody thereof, shall name the recipient of the bursary.

Application for this award shall be submitted to the Financial Aid and Awards Office or directly to the American Friends on The University of Manitoba Bursary application obtained from the Financial Aid and Awards Office. The first award of this bursary will be made at the end of the 1965-66 academic session.

If, for any reason, the continuation of the bursary as herein above set forth becomes impossible, the American friends shall have power to use the funds in such a manner as its Board of Directors deems will best satisfy the wishes of the donor.

Est. 02/66
Rev. 02/69, 04/74, 01/82, 01/83, 02/85, 02/99, 01/2001
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