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Wallace and Akins Limited Bursary
VALUE: $2200 (1) - 2013-2014 award value


A bursary of $900 is offered annually by Wallace and Akins Limited for award to a deserving student who has completed, one academic session with clear standing in all subjects, the first year of the Engineering course at The University of Manitoba.

The selection committee will consist of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, the President of the University or his/her representative, the Heads of the Department in Engineering and a representative of the Financial Aid and Awards Office.

In the event that no suitable candidate is found in a given year, the amount of the bursary shall be carried forward to the following year and may be, at the discretion of the selection committee, (i) added, totally or in part, to the sum of that year's bursary, and (ii) the amount, if any, not so awarded by added to the capital structure. Only one bursary shall be given in any year.

If, for reasons acceptable to the selection committee, the successful candidate does not enrol in the session for which the award is made, the bursary shall be held for him/her until the next ensuing session, and its tenure at the time shall not preclude the award of the bursary properly available in that year.

This bursary shall be tenable with other awards at the discretion of the selection committee. The University Board of Governors has the right to modify the terms of this award if for any reason it becomes necessary to do so, such modification to conform as closely as possible to the wishes of the donor.

As the fund increased by accrued interest and possible further donations, the amount of the award shall be increased by $50 increments as the fund affords. Should circumstances change so that bursaries are no longer required, the annual income from accumulated capital shall be available to the Engineering Department of the University to assist in providing extra equipment, facilities or materials not available through the usual channels.

Est. 02/60
Rev. 10/63, 02/67, 04/74, 12/80, 01/82, 01/83, 02/84
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