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Esther R. Steele Award
VALUE: $2525 (variable) - 2013-2014 award value


From the testamentary gift of Esther R. Steele a trust fund has been established at The University of Manitoba.

An amount up to the annual earnings on the fund may be used to provide benefits to students taking Electrical Engineering at The University of Manitoba.

Approximately one-half of the annual earnings will be used to provide bursary awards, each with a minimum value of $100, to students who:

(1) have successfully completed at least one year in the Faculty of Engineering; and,
(2) proceed in the next ensuing academic year to the next year in course in Electrical Engineering;
(3) are applicants for bursary assistance.

The other approximately one-half of the annual earnings may take one or more of the following three forms as determined by the selection committee:

(1) Additional bursaries on the same terms as noted in the preceding paragraph.
(2) Assistance to students selected to attend special meetings considered by the selection committee to have pertinence to the study of Electrical Engineering.
(3) The provision of research and teaching materials, e.g., books and equipment, not available to the Department of Electrical Engineering through regular budgetary funds.

The selection committee for awards from this fund will be named by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of The University of Manitoba and will include the Head and one other academic staff member of the Department of Electrical Engineering and a representative of the Financial Aid and Awards Office. It may delegate responsibility for executing its decisions to any University officer.

Est. 01/78
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