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Dr. N. R. Bulley Scholarship
VALUE: $2000 (2 @ $1000) - 2013-2014 award value


The Biosystems Engineering Department Council wishes to honour two of its retired professors by replacing the Biosystems Engineering Endowment Scholarship (which was first available in the 1989/90 academic session) with the Dr. N. R. Bulley and the Dr. G. E. Laliberte Scholarships. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. Two Bulley Scholarships, each valued at $1,000 annually, will be offered to students who:

(1) have completed at least eight courses from the preliminary first year Engineering programme
(these courses can be completed in either the Faculty of Engineering or in University I);

(2) have achieved a minimum degree grade point average of 3.25;

(3) have enrolled as full time students in the second year of studies in the Faculty of Engineering
in the Department of Biosystems Engineering.

The selection committee shall be the Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards Committee of the Faculty of Engineering. The name of the scholarship and/or its terms of reference may be amended by the donor at some future date.

Est. 11/89
Rev. 05/90, 11/96, 11/97, 03/98*
*NOTE: The Dr. N. R. Bulley Scholarship was established in 03/98 as an amendment to the previously existing Biosystems Engineering Endowment Scholarship (award # 20036).
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