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Minerva Safety in Engineering Design Prize
Minerva Safety in Engineering Design Prize
Minerva SAFE Manitoba has established an endowment fund (initial gift of $7,500) at the University of Manitoba, with funding from the Workers Compensation Board Community Initiatives Program. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. Minerva supports post-secondary education programs that incorporate safety management in the core curriculum. The endowment fund will be used to offer a prize to encourage and recognize the inclusion of workplace safety and health issues within engineering design projects and theses. One prize valued at eighty-five percent (85%) of the annual income on the fund will be offered to a single student or will be shared equally among members of the team of undergraduate students who:
(1) have achieved a minimum grade of B on the design project or thesis completed for any engineering course;
(2) have submitted the project or thesis that best address issues of workplace safety and health.
To be considered for the prize, a project or thesis must meet the following criteria and objectives:
(a) incorporate occupational health and safety considerations as a major component of the project;
(b) demonstrate research into applicable safety and health legislation, regulations, and/or building codes;
(c) demonstrate some original, cost-effective application or potential application.
Projects and theses for consideration might also include a safety and health education and training component.
At the end of each term, instructors of engineering courses will be encouraged to submit nominations for design projects or theses that meet the requirements of the award. Nominations, including a copy of the project or thesis, will be forwarded to the chair of the selection committee. The award selection will be made at the end of the Winter Term.
Fifteen percent (15%) of the annual income earned on the fund will be capitalized. The selection committee will periodically review the value of the fund and may recommend, to the Senate Committee on Awards, changes to the proportion of income distributed between the prize and the capital fund.
The selection committee will be the Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Committee of the Faculty of Engineering and will include one industry representative, one representative of the Minerva SAFE Manitoba Steering Committee, and the Director of the Workplace Safety and Health Division of the provincial Department of Labour and Immigration (or designate).
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