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Faculty of Engineering Centenary Awards
VALUE: $0 (variable # of awards - see terms) - 2013-2014 award value


The Faculty of Engineering and the University of Manitoba have established an award program as part of the Faculty’s centennial celebrations. The purpose of the award program is to encourage students to excel in their studies by ensuring that engineering students who achieve a grade point average in the range of C+ to B will receive scholarship support.

After the Faculty of Engineering Centenary Scholarships (Award #25543) have been offered, the balance of the available annual income from the fund will be used to offer scholarships to undergraduate students who:

(1) are enrolled full-time or part-time in the second, third, or fourth year of study in the Faculty of Engineering;

(2) have achieved a degree grade point average of at least 2.50 up to 3.49.

The selection committee will have the discretion to determine the number and value of individual awards offered each year based on the available funds and the recipient’s degree grade point average, with the proviso that the minimum award value will be $450. The maximum value of an individual award will be a percentage of the tuition fees (excluding ancillary and incidental fees) paid in the academic session in which the award is tenable. The maximum percentage allocation will be established following a sliding scale beginning at 1% for a degree grade point average of 2.50 up to 99% for a degree grade point average of 3.49. The combined value of the Faculty of Engineering Centenary Award plus any other University of Manitoba awards (scholarships and prizes) that a recipient has received in the academic session in which the Award is tenable is not to exceed the total amount of tuition fees that he or she has paid.

The selection committee will be the Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Committee of the Faculty of Engineering.

Established: Senate, February 4, 2009
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