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Biosystems Engineering Undergraduate Thesis Award
The Department of Biosystems Engineering offers an annual award of a certificate for the best written thesis in the course Graduation Project. The award will be offered to the student who:

(1) has achieved a minimum degree grade point average of 3.0;
(2) has submitted the best written thesis in the course Graduation Project (currently numbered BIOE 4240) with the conditions that the thesis must be completed independently and must consist of one of the following: (a) an experimental research project, (b) a comprehensive literature review, or (c) an engineering design project.

Theses will be graded, using a standard rubric, by a panel of three professors from the Department of Biosystems Engineering including: (a) the course instructor, (b) the student’s advisor (or an alternate in the case that the student’s advisor is also the course instructor), and (c) another professor selected by the course instructor. The thesis receiving the highest average score will receive the Award. In the event of a tie, the final decision will be made by the Head of the Department.

The Head of the Department of Biosystems Engineering will recommend the recipient to the selection committee.

The selection committee will be the Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards Committee of the Faculty of Engineering.

Established: Senate, February 4, 2009
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Prize - Convocation
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