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ENGAP Awards (Bursary)
VALUE: TBD (1) - 2014-2015 award value


The Engineering Access Program (ENGAP) is designed to provide persons of Aboriginal ancestry with access to the Faculty of Engineering by providing academic, social, and personal supports based on the individual needs of the students. The majority of funding for the administration of the program comes from the Province of Manitoba, Manitoba Education and Training, Advanced Education and Skills Training Division. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. The Faculty of Engineering provides space and resources for the program free of charge. This program originally began in 1985 and has since seen 25 graduates, making this the most successful Engineering Access Program in Canada and perhaps North America.

In order to encourage and recognize students in ENGAP, a fund has been established to support awards for ENGAP students. The funding is provided through corporate and private donations. The number and value of awards will vary from year to year, based on the amount of available funding. This fund will support two types of awards, bursaries and scholarships.

Bursaries of varied values will be offered to students who:

(1) are enrolled as full-time students in the Faculty of Engineering through the ENGAP Program;
(2) have demonstrated financial need on the standard University of Manitoba bursary application form.

Est. 03/99
Rev. 02/08
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