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Margaret I. Morton Prize - 33928
To mark the retirement of Dr. Margaret I. Morton, the former Faculty of Human Ecology, her colleagues, and friends have established a prize fund in her honor at the University of Manitoba.

Effective with the spring series of examinations in 1993, an annual prize valued at the available annual interest on the fund will be available to the student who:

(1) is enrolled full-time (min 80% course load) in the Bachelor of Science degree program in the Dept. of Biosystems Engineering;
(2) has achieved a min 3.5 DGPA;
(3) has received the highest average score for their submitted written theses in the course Graduation Project (currently BIOE 4240), with the conditions that the thesis must be completed independently and must have a focus on Textile Science;

Written documents will be graded, using a standard rubric, by a panel of three professors from the Dept. of Biosystems Engineering, including:

(a) the course instructor;
(b) the student's advisor (or alternate in the case that the student's advisor is also the course instructor) and;
(c) another professor selected by the course instructor.

In the event of a tie, the student with the highest DGPA in their program will get the award.
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Prize - Convocation
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