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Don Craik Memorial Scholarship
VALUE: $1025 (1) - 2013-2014 award value


In memory of Donald W. Craik, his friends and associates have established a scholarship fund at The University of Manitoba.

From this fund an annual scholarship, valued at the available annual income, will be available, effective in the 1988-89 academic year, to a student of high standing who:

(1) is a resident of St. Vital (i.e., a student reporting a "permanent address" on admission to the Faculty of Engineering in that part of Winnipeg currently bounded by the Red River on the west, the Seine River on the east, Carriere Avenue on the north and the Perimeter Highway on the south; the area with postal codes currently beginning with "R2M" and "R2N") - see note;

(2) proceeds in the next ensuing academic year from first year Engineering to second year Mechanical Engineering (or, failing that, to second year in one of the other Engineering programs available at the University).

The state of the fund supporting this scholarship will be reviewed annually and if either or both of (a) earnings on or (b) additions to the fund permit, the value of the scholarship will be increased.

The selection committee for this scholarship will be named by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and will include the Chairman of the Faculty's Awards Committee.

Note: The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has stated that a geographical restriction does not contravene the act. (Senate Minutes, July 4, 1984).

Est. 04/88
Rev. 07/99
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