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Dr. A.W. Hogg Undergraduate Scholarship
VALUE: $1500 (1) - 2013-2014 award value


The University of Manitoba offers 20 undergraduate scholarships of $1,500 each with one scholarship available for offer in each of the academic units listed below:

Agricultural and Food Sciences Diploma (23870)
Agricultural and Food Sciences Degree (23877)
Arts (23878)
Dental Hygiene (23879)
Dentistry (23880)
Education (23881)
Engineering (23882)
Environment, Earth, and Resources (24942)
Environmental Design (23883)
Fine Arts (23884)
Human Ecology (23885)
Law (23887)
Management (23889)
Medical Rehabilitation (23888): The award of $1,500 is divided equally between one Physical Therapy student and one Respiratory Therapy student.
Music (23890)
Nursing (23891)
Pharmacy (23892)
Kinesiology and Recreation Management (23893)
Science (23894)
Social Work (23895)

Within these academic units, Dr. A.W. Hogg Undergraduate Scholarships shall be awarded on the basis of highest average standings irrespective of year and course (except that students in the graduating year shall be excluded). Students must have qualified for the Dean's Honour List in their faculty or school to be eligible for consideration for these scholarships.

To receive payment, the winner must register for, and remain enrolled in, a full normal course-load (1) in the next succeeding year of his/her degree or diploma course, or (2) if the scholarship was awarded on the work of a year in Arts or Science which is the final year of the minimum prerequisite for entrance to another faculty (e.g., Law), in the first year of that faculty.

When the original selected winner of the scholarship in any faculty or school does not register as required in the next succeeding academic session, the scholarship shall be awarded by reversion to the next qualified candidate. If no eligible candidate can be found, the money supporting the scholarship shall be transferred to The University of Manitoba Emergency Bursary Fund and administered under that fund's terms of reference.

The selection committee of these scholarships will be named by the appropriate Dean or Director.

Established: Senate, October 7, 1992
Senate, May 7, 1997
Senate, November 5, 2008
Senate, June 30, 2004
Senate, September 6, 2006
Senate, April 1, 2009
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