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Dr. Jeffrey Tinkler Memorial Scholarship Fund
VALUE: $1925 (1) - 2013-2014 award value


Dr. Jeffrey Tinkler, formerly of the Faculty of Engineering, died in a gliding accident on June 29, 1987 after 21 years with The University of Manitoba. In his memory and at the suggestion of his wife, Helen, and his children, Valerie and John, a scholarship fund has been established at the University. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. From this fund an annual scholarship valued at the available annual income* on the fund will be available, beginning in the 1988-89 regular session, to a student who:

(1) is a full-time student in the Faculty of Engineering;

(2) has achieved high standing in a second year course in Thermodynamics and in both second year and third year courses in Fluid Mechanics;

(3) proceeds in the fourth year in a program of courses emphasizing Fluid Mechanics.

The selection committee for this scholarship will be named by, and will include, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

Est. 11/88
Rev. 02/91
*Edit 12/00 - change in interest allocation method
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