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Lynne and Dorothy Windsor Scholarship In Engineering
VALUE: $3200 (1) - 2013-2014 award value


Mr. Lynne Windsor has established a fund at the University of Manitoba to provide student support through two awards. Half of the available annual income from this fund supports an award in the Faculty of Arts and is named after Mr. Windsor’s late daughter, Kathy. The remaining half of the available annual income from the fund, shall support a scholarship in the names of Mr. Windsor and his late wife, Dorothy. This scholarship shall be offered in the Faculty of Engineering.

Lynne Windsor studied at the Coyne Electrical College in Chicago and obtained a diploma in Electrical Technology in 1929. Following graduation, he came to Winnipeg and joined the Winnipeg Electric Company. Early in World War II, he joined Defence Industries Ltd (subsidiary of CIL) in Bouchard, Quebec, in construction of munitions manufacturing facilities. He later came West to Fort William, Ontario, joining Canadian Car and Foundry and being in charge of radio and radar installations in the US Navy Curtiss SB2C-I Scout Bomber being built by CanCar. At the end of the war CanCar had a contract with the ACF-Brill Company in Philadelphia to build transit and intercity buses, so he was sent to Philadelphia as liaison to coordinate and transmit engineering data to Fort William, later returning there to supervise the introduction of the trolley coach into production and later assuming the position of Technical Assistant to the Works Manager. He accepted an offer from James B. Carter Ltd. in Winnipeg, manufacturers of automotive radiators and heating devices, to correlate an agreement with a USA company to manufacture radiators for General Motors Diesel locomotives built in London, Ontario. He spent 25 years with Carter, eventually holding the position of Director of Research and Development at the time of his retirement in 1976. Following retirement, he incorporated Fourwin Associates Limited, remaining active as a consultant. Lynne Windsor is a life member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, active in the Manitoba Section, and a former senior member of the American Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Lynne and Dorothy had two children, Kathy and Frank, and the latter has one daughter Sarah, who enjoys surfing the Internet with her Grandpa. Lynne and Dorothy maintained a lifelong involvement and interest in the dramatic arts, were active participants in the former Winnipeg Little Theatre, and season subscribers to the Manitoba Theatre Center since its inception. In memory of Dorothy Windsor and in honour of Lynne Windsor, a scholarship shall be offered each year, valued at one half of the available annual income from their fund. It shall be offered to the undergraduate student who:

(1) has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the course Engineering Design (currently numbered 130.140*) by achieving the highest standing in that course;

(2) has achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5;

(3) enrolls full-time in the Faculty of Engineering, either in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (specifically in Electrical Engineering) or in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in the year following completion of the Engineering Design course.

The selection committee shall be the Faculty of Engineering Scholarship, Bursaries, and Awards Committee.

Est. 12/2000

*ENG 1430
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