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Easton I. Lexier Award for Community Leadership
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Family and friends have established an award to celebrate Easton I. Lexier’s 50 years of service to his company, his profession, and the community. The Manitoba Scholarships and Bursaries Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. Easton I. Lexier graduated in Civil Engineering (Structural) from the University of Manitoba in 1948 and practised with the firm G.B.R. Associates for 50 years. In those years he literally “put his stamp” on some of the most important buildings in Manitoba including Winnipeg City Hall, the Winnipeg International Airport, and the Engineering Building at the University of Manitoba. As Lexier was exemplary in the balancing of his commitment to the profession with a high involvement and leadership in the community, this award is to recognize a student who demonstrates leadership through both academic achievements and involvement in community or civic affairs. This award is to be first awarded in 1998, on the 50th anniversary of his graduation.

An annual award of $500 shall be awarded to a student who:

(1) has completed the third year of full-time studies in the Faculty of Engineering, and is continuing in the next ensuing year of the programme;

(2) has achieved a degree grade point average of at least 3.00;

(3) has demonstrated leadership and involvement in the community, civics or student government.

Selection will favour breadth of involvement, number of years of service and level of responsibility. Applicants must complete the Faculty of Engineering Extra-Curricular Involvement

The selection committee shall be named by the Faculty of Engineering Scholarships, Awards
and Bursaries Committee with the inclusion of donor contact (or designate.)

Est. 07/97
Rev. 05/98, 05/99
Edit 03/98
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