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Grettir Eggertson Memorial Scholarship
VALUE: $16,150 (6 @ $2690) - 2013-2014 award value


In memory of her husband, Grettir Eggertson (B.Sc. (E.E.)/25), Mrs. Irene Eggertson has established a fund of $150,000 at The University of Manitoba (through the Manitoba Foundation) to support scholarships in the Faculty of Engineering. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. The available annual interest* from this fund is to provide six scholarships each year to promising students in the Faculty of Engineering. Mr. Eggertson worked on numerous projects in Canada and the United States. After six years of employment at the American Gas and Electric Service Corporation in New York City, he resigned and accepted an appointment by the Government of Iceland as chief consultant during the Second World WarCfor the construction of several hydro-electric plants in that country, which appointment also included supervision of the distribution of hydro-electric power within the city of Reykjavik. In 1956, he received the Commander Cross of the Icelandic Order of the Falcon and later the Commander Cross with Star. Mr. Eggertson returned to his native Winnipeg in 1948, where he established his own business and where he resided until his death in 1984.

These scholarships are to be offered to continuing students in the Faculty of Engineering based on high standing (minimum 3.5 sessional GPA) after at least one year of study in the Faculty (with a normal full course-load). Degree GPAs and years of program may be used in breaking ties. At least one of the six scholarships is to be offered to a student entering or continuing in the Electrical Engineering degree program, and at least one is to be offered to a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. These scholarships are not renewable, though recipients are to be considered eligible in the pool of candidates in subsequent years.

The selection committee shall be the Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards Committee of the Faculty of Engineering.

The Board of Governors of The University of Manitoba has the right to modify the terms of this award if, because of changed circumstances, it becomes necessary to do so. Such modifications shall conform as closely as possible to the expressed intention of the donor in establishing the award.

Est. 01/96
*Edit 12/00 - change in interest allocation method
Rev. 08/02
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